Celebrating 100 years Extending Hands of Friendship, Rotary International: The Rotary Foundation. Sponsored by Canadian International Development Agency
Show & Tell - Canadian Schools Getting Involved!

Welcome! Watch our music video: "More I Want to Know"

Are you a part of something more?

Janie Grand asks this question in her compelling new song, More I want to Know - our official campaign theme song.

Listen to it, download it, share it!

We hope her lyrics and her inspiring melody will help convey the compassion that has fueled this project and the graciousness that lies in the hearts of everyone involved.

Our School is Open!

Rotary Canada chose to celebrate its 100th anniversary with a project to build a fully furnished school in Afghanistan for 4,000 girls and boys. Now they hope to share the story of their school. They want to show how people are helping a struggling community to find its way back to inclusive education and peace.

Every Canadian has made this school possible!

The Canadian International Development Agency−CIDA−generously matched funds raised by Rotarians, so every single Canadian can feel a part of this World Community Project.


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